Light Green seaglass silver ring with 9ct gold pebbles

beach combing Devon gold green sea foam hand forged jewellery light green pebble Ring sea foam sea glass sea glass ring seaglass silver

** Gallery Restock – Hope Cove **

Light Green seaglass silver ring with 9ct gold pebbles with gold nugget detail.
The back of this ring is cut out to let the light shine through the sea glass.

Sea glass measures approx 12mm high
Ring size N.5

A note about photography:
I have always taken my own photos. Over the years I have tried to standardise with process so every image has the same quality. These images are an example of how difficult it is to capture the sea glass. One set of images was taken outside before the rain came today and the other was taken indoors by my favourite photo spot in the house. It’s the difference between natural light, it’s so variable! Different light quality also brings out the unique texture in the glass and silver, which I love.

Due to the nature of how sea glass is formed and then beachcombed, all my jewellery varies slightly from one piece to another creating a unique item for the wearer to treasure. Colours and shape of sea glass may vary but I try and match each nugget to a partner.

All my jewellery is hand crafted which means every item has its own individual quality.

Naturally tumbled ocean sea glass beachcombed along the South Devon coast.


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