Drilled Sea Foam Sea Glass Hand Forged Textured Rustic Silver Hoops

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Fresh from the bench!

Drilled sea glass, something I did a lot in the early days of making sea glass jewellery.
I was looking back through my old sketch books for ideas and I wanted to create some sea foam sea glass jewellery which really set off the subtle colour. Bezel setting sea foam sea glass tends to dull the colour, drilling lets the true colour shine through and looks stunning against silver.

So, I bring you Drilled Sea Foam Sea Glass Silver Hoops. Four pairs all very slightly different in colour and form. I LOVE them, I loved making them too. The sea glass can’t come off the half hoop because the silver has been melted at the end to form a stopper.

Finished with a solid silver butterfly, the finished hoop earring is approx 25mm drop.
My plan this week is to make some silver molten studs to complement the hoops for those of us with multiple piercings. Silver and Sea Foam, a match made in heaven!

Made with love in Devon!

Commissions welcomed.





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