Beach Holiday Wedding Proposal

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You couldn’t get any better than this.

So, a few months back I was asked by a friend of mine to create an engagement ring for his partner. He found this incredibly perfect piece of sea glass on Shaldon beach, near Teignmouth, Devon and knew just what to do with it.

I created this ring and kept it hidden until our camping holiday in the Isles of Scilly last week.

Last Monday I crept down to Campsite beach, St Martin’s, at 7am and buried it in the sand with a little help from my friend Hannah. Then sat back in my beach tent with a cooling bottle of fizz and waited for the reveal. Thankfully Catherine said yes and the ring fits! Congratulations guys. xx

Catherine-wedding-ring-ii Catherine-wedding-ring-iii Catherine-wedding-ring-iiii Catherine-wedding-ring-iiiii Catherine-wedding-ring-iiiiii Catherine-wedding-ring-iiiiiii Catherine-wedding-ring-iiiiiiii Catherine-wedding-ring

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