Cornflower blue sea glass Ocean Water splash cuff bracelet

bangle beach beach combing beachcombing bracelet cornflower blue cuff Dawlish delicate Devon hand forged hand made jewellery light blue pebble sea glass sea glass bracelet seaglass silver

Fresh from the bench

Cornflower blue sea glass silver Ocean Splash cuff bracelet with hand forged beachcombing pebble detail.

Set in silver with a delicate 2mm hammered round silver band, this bracelet is beautifully simple, light and elegant. Open back to let the light shine through showing off the Cornflower blue sea glass. The end of the bangle has a hand forged natural large silver hammered beachcombing pebble attached for contrast and detail.

Seaglass Size 7mm high
Band width 60mm.

Due to the nature of how sea glass is formed and then beachcombed, all my jewellery varies slightly from one piece to another creating a unique item for the wearer to treasure. Colours and shape of sea glass may vary but I try and match each nugget to a partner when necessary with earrings.

All my jewellery is hand crafted which means every item has its own individual quality.

Naturally tumbled ocean sea glass beachcombed along the
South Devon coast.


Commissions welcomed. 



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